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safer from the start.

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Maintain fiscally-responsible public safety operation that has saved our citizens millions of dollars over the last three years.
Continue reduction of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) deaths.
Finalize Addiction Treatment Center hosted by the Sheriff’s Office.
Continue to drive down crime rates by connecting citizens to essential resources.
Keeping the community safer through cutting edge training for our police and revolutionized re-entry pathways for people returning from incarceration.
Expand electronic home monitoring program Sheriff Hain created to increase public safety and adapt to the upcoming cashless bail system.
Develop countywide gun safety initiatives.
Public Health
Public Safety
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Many talk about criminal justice reform. Sheriff Ron Hain hit the ground running in 2018 after his election and shaped what real reform looks like. The actions taken have made our jail and our community safer.

Take a look at some of the important ways Sheriff Ron Hain has made Kane County

Safer From The Start

Treatment for the Addicted
Implemented the Jail's Recovery Pod to provide medically assisted treatment to the opioid dependent and others in custody struggling with addiction issues. This program has dropped the deaths of the formerly incarcerated opioid dependent by 89% and has been operated at no cost to taxpayers.
Jail Programming
Beginning in 2019, we implemented robust jail programming that allowed jail residents to focus on self-improvement and provided them with job skills. This initiative continues to drop detainee violence by almost 40% and detainee attacks on staff by almost 90%.
Return of Electronic Monitoring
Electronic monitoring for pre-trial and sentenced individuals was defunded by the County in 2018. Sheriff Hain brought it back in 2019 at no additional cost to taxpayers, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in incarceration costs and returning people to work and their families. Recidivism was less than 5% under the Sheriff's EM program.
Enhanced Patrol Coverage
Redesigned patrol areas, reducing response times by 33%. 
Fiscally Responsible
At least six-figures under budget every year, full transparency in financial reporting, and budget sharing with other divisions of the county to support trending public safety needs.
Training Ahead of the Curve
In 2019, the Sheriff's Tactical Training Unit was created to implement stress-induced and de-escalation training for all 240 sworn members on a monthly basis. The result was a dramatic drop in use of force incidents and a sharp increase in weapons qualification scores. This directly enhances public trust and safety.

"I am proud of what we have accomplished together during my first term as Kane County Sheriff. When re-elected I look forward to working with Kane County residents and partners to continue to reduce crime, decrease recidivism, fight  addiction and continue to make Kane County Safer for all."

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain

Ron Hain is working hard to make Kane County Safer From The Start, but he can't do it alone. If you believe in Ron's mission, please consider volunteering some time to his campaign. Reach out to learn more.
Every little bit helps us get closer to making sure that Ron has the opportunity to continue his important work in Kane County. Donate today to help us spread the word to Kane County voters.
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At least six-figures under budget every year, full transparency in financial reporting, and budget sharing with other divisions of the county to support trending public safety needs.

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Drop in Crime
Drop in Crime

Kane County has seen a 16% drop in crime since 2018, thanks to Sheriff Hain's work.

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Response Time
Response Time

Redesigned patrol areas, reducing response times by 33%.

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