Child Sexual Exploitation/Cyber Crimes Investigations:(Click here for video)

Child pornography and cyber-stalking remain one of the largest dangers to the children of Kane County. We need a proactive approach to identifying and apprehending child predators:

  • Reinstatement of cyber crimes investigator and support staff
  • Cutting-edge training and databases to track and identify offenders
  • Networking with local investigators to establish a web of protection for our youth

Combating Gun Violence

I am not willing to wait for legislation to make a difference. Below is my plan for protecting our community and, most importantly, our children:

  • Compliance checks following firearms owners license revocation.
  • ​Re-instatement of interdiction programs that have removed dozens of unlawfully possessed firearms from our streets
  • Full-time task-forcing with our municipal police partners to identify and quickly eradicate armed felon activity
  • Range training sessions for concealed carry license holders taught by our staff 
  • Gun safety classes partnering with Moms Demand Action open to our public and offered to our schools
  • Optional gun registration program for our citizens to allow faster tracking of lost or stolen firearms
  • Deputy liaisons to network with local firearm dealers

Police - Community Relations Enhancement

Focusing on rebuilding neighborhoods, not targeting them.
Prioritizing community support services in identified locations through:

  • ​​Job fairs
  • Transportation connections
  • Homeless support
  • Food pantry access for low income and seniors

Heroin Epidemic Solutions

The time is running out for implementation of fast, effective, out-of-the-box concepts to turn the tables on this rapidly increasing public safety concern:

  • Reinstatement of zero tolerance eradication through interstate narcotic trafficker identification programs
  • Cutting-edge rehabilitative approach to treat our addicted, incarcerated population (overview video link)
  • "Heroin Hotline" and local law enforcement task force to facilitate anonymous reporting of heroin activity and immediate follow-up investigations

Decrease Recidivism

Kane County, like communities across the country, faces a high re-offending rate. We can create a dynamic correctional institution to set the example for the rest of the country to follow:

  • In-custody vocational training (OHSA certification, forklift certification, and skill sessions taught by local trade unions)
  • Skills-To-Jobs connection: as citizens return to the community, they'll be linked with a local employer through an operational network I designed beginning in 2012
  • Track re-entry activity to encourage assimilation and confirm overall success in returning to the community

These highlights outline our major priorities for bringing public safety into the 21st century and effectively responding to the immediate needs of our community. More details, videos, and information may be found in the following pages of the site.

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